How you can get set for a hot summer

IF this week's weather patterns are anything to go by, summer this year will be hot, hot, hot.

And with hot weather comes danger on several fronts.

Heat was a consistent theme at the Storm Safety Expo at Gladstone Yacht Club on Sunday morning.

>> Hot weather settles in for at least 10 days

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Emergency services were on hand to provide advice to local residents as the weather entered its unpredictable months.

Firefighter Christopher Brett told The Observer that an unusually quiet fire season last year had doubled the amount of fuel for this season.

And as six significant fires had already ravaged the region in as many weeks, he urged property owners to prepare themselves before it was too late.

"Mow your lawns, clean up your yards and get rid of general leaf litter," he said.

"Simple measures like making sure you have a hose on hand seem quite fundamental but can be forgotten."

The message spreads further, with local police distributing messages to remind people not to leave animals or children in cars unattended.

Senior Sergeant Rosie Maloney said it was illegal to leave children under 12 unattended in a vehicle.

"Temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees in a car and it takes only 10 minutes for a child to die in an overheated car.

"Even if you're going into the service station to pay for fuel, you must take your children with you."

Gladstone residents can familiarise themselves with safety messages and subscribe to the Gladstone Disaster Hub and Early Warning Network on the Gladstone Regional Council website.


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