Not a great weekend to throw in a line in Gladstone

Troy Emery with a huge GT caught at Innaminca Shoals recently.
Troy Emery with a huge GT caught at Innaminca Shoals recently. Contributed

THIS weekend is a big one with so much on the go apart from the wind and sea playing ball. The outlook still isn't flash for wetting a line outside sheltered waters.

The Seabreeze website is predicting winds between 15-20 knots through the weekend and increasing on Monday with showers and more rain expected.

As if we haven't had enough!

But you know what? With the launch of the 2013 Boyne Tannum HookUp down at Bray Park next Saturday, and with loads of prizes for those who enter at Bray Park Boyne Island, there are a heap of reasons why you should make time to enter and support this awesome family fishing event.

As most of you would know I was one of the founding members in 1995. This event is still very close to my heart even though I retired from it.

The group of dedicated people who are running it today still have the same enthusiasm as they did when they started.

Ned and Kris Beaumont have been there since day one and unselfishly put their private lives on hold, as do all of the group, for 6 or 7 months helping to organise this event.

The rest of the close-knit team, led by President Jeff Amos, also need a big pat on the back for their efforts.

In the meantime, this weekend is the Brisbane Tinny and Tackle Show is on at the RNA Showgrounds on Saturday and Sunday.

Yours truly will be down manning the stand for the Gladstone region armed with everything HookUp, and promoting the region as a destination whether it be, Town of Seventeen Seventy, through to Lake Awoonga, out to Callide Dam, or maybe a charter to fish our regions waters from the coast right out to the Swain Reefs.

This region does have so much to offer.

Last week I showed you a picture of Cathy Cornwell who caught a real nice Queenie near the hot water outlet and spoke of her son who caught one as big as him; well it was actually her godson she was talking about.

Troy Emery had been fishing out at Innamincka Shoal about 32km north of North West Island recently and he is pictured here with this absolute horse of a GT.

Now I reckon this GT would have to be one of the biggest I have seen and I reckon it would've nearly pulled his arms off. Top effort Troy!

By the way Troy released this fish after the photograph. No scales were available so we don't know the weight.

GTs in all sizes, maybe not quite as big as these, are found right across our region, and are well-known hard fighters, which will test your gear and your ability to keep them hooked.

Many times we have seen pictures of Johnny Mitchell's escapades when he puts his clients on to them and not far from our shores either.

Darren Box from Boyne Island Bait n Tackle has always said, "Be prepared for the fish of your dreams", and it's these sort of fish that you need to be ready for.

Good tackle, good strong knots and strong lures are the key, and seeing that it's nearly HookUp time it's a great opportunity to strip that reel of that old line, throw out the old lures and learn the important art of knot tying.

Also, it's time to check the safety gear in your boat like checking the use by dates on your flares, and EPIRB. Around HookUp time is always a good time to do this.

No one wants their life to rely on something which is out of date just because of a few bucks.

Get into your favourite tackle shop and replace them!

VMR Memberships are just about ready for renewal too and its very cheap insurance when that unfortunate break down happens or maybe even and accident or injury.

Life is too precious to play roulette with.