Be a link in network to create economic sustainability

OWNING and managing a business is more than just delivering products and services to customers.

It's about contributing to the local economic sustainability of a region.

What does that mean?

It means participating, sharing, encouraging and being a link in the network that makes the Gladstone region what it is.

As a business owner I have discovered that sharing ideas, engaging and encouraging gives more in return than I could have possibly expected on my own.

The idea of "give and you shall receive" could not be more accurate to describe the "Boom or Bust" Gladstone Region Business Study.

With more than 200 local businesses responding, the chamber is about to embark on a comprehensive analysis process, with outcomes supporting the provision of future resources provided to local businesses.

And in return for sharing, any business that completed the survey has access to results to analyse what it means for their business.

Gladstone region businesses have access to a number of great ways to connect with the business community, including the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry network meetings.

The chamber is excited to be able to release the 2014 Network Meetings calendar tonight at the February Network Meeting being held at the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning.

So don't stand on the sidelines, be a link, give and receive, pick something and involve others.

Let's continue to do our part in contributing to the economic sustainability of the region.