IMPRESSIVE: Pat laws with this solid 97cm barra caught on Wednesday evening.
IMPRESSIVE: Pat laws with this solid 97cm barra caught on Wednesday evening. Contributed

Conditions make it a good weekend for sheltered spots

HAVEN'T the conditions changed since the start of the week, going from super dooper flat seas and gentle breezes to the forecast today with showers and 20-25 knot south easterlies and three metre seas.

By the looks these conditions will be with us through the weekend as we move closer to the new moon on Sunday night.

This week though has been dynamite with people taking advantage of the good angling conditions as well as the last quarter moon and little tide movements.

Earlier in the week a few slipped out to the reef like Steve Brodie and his group who was showing off how well his bait works by having two hussar squabbling over the same bait and two ending up on the same hook.

Then that evening they got into the squid nabbing half a dozen or so but it wasn't without incident as champion fisherman Steve copping a decent squirt of pure squid ink right in the gob!!

Steve you're not on your "pat malone" as I have seen many cop it as well but maybe not in the mouth.

They ended up with a good bag of sweetlip, trout and other mixed reefies.

It also looks as though the mangrove jack are on the chew with good numbers being caught as the water is warming up.

Over the years of the Hookup and also through out the year many fish are being tagged especially bream and obviously some of these are becoming solid fish which will definitely end up in the pan or under the griller but the tag tends to be cast aside.

The tag does have a phone number on it plus obviously the number of the tag itself and if you could measure the fish, record the number and measurements then call the 1800 number and feed back that data.

In return you will get a certificate for your troubles but it'll also show the last time it was caught and tagged or released and where that happened which is very cool.

On the whole we have found bream to be quite territorial as in years gone by during the Hookup we have tagged some which were caught up South Trees, released only to be recaptured the next day back at the same spot.

And the same goes for the Marina as some have been captured there, released into the Boyne and a month or so later recaptured in the Marina.


The barra have been active as well with a few choosing to nip out for a Fathers day fish and get some good results.

Pat Laws slipped out on Wednesday evening with his good friend and "fishing coach" Terrin Sharpe who obviously showed some patience with the big fella resulting in a 97cm barra eating his lure.

Onya Pat.

Speaking of Pat he is one of those who still remains on the HookUp committee along with founding member Ned Beaumont and others.

Most of you will be aware that after reaching that 20 year milestone a fair few have decided to call it a day and take a step back, leaving the committee far too thin and now they are looking for fresh few faces to take this event into the future.

You don't have to be a fisherman to be part of this event and in fact those with businesses at Boyne and Tannum would benefit from this if they were in the driver's seat.

It was initially dreamed up to promote our local businesses in that area and give the Boyne Tannum community an event to call their own.

It has done that in bucket loads and now they need your help.

If you are keen please go to the website and click on the link to get in touch with them or visit their Face Book page and have a chat.

This weekend I'd be sticking close to the shelter chasing the barra, grunter, jack and whiting.

The tides are building and time to get those pots into those drains with the openings pointing up and down the drain.

Have a cracker weekend.. and oh.. Happy Birthday to my Dad Eric tomorrow.. turns 84 years young…