Bay Central Tavern. Photo: Cody Fox
Bay Central Tavern. Photo: Cody Fox

Barman accused of ‘smashing’ patron with metal rod

A BARMAN accused of "smashing" a patron with a metal rod during a Pearl Jam tribute has fronted court.

It was a stop-start affair in Hervey Bay District Court on Wednesday during the trial of Emil Mendoza, accused of hitting the customer at the Bay Central Tavern in 2018.

Crown and defence barristers walked witnesses through a series of CCTV clips from the night of the incident at the Pialba venue.

Mr Mendoza allegedly struck James Corkery with a metal rod following an aggressive confrontation with one of his friends on April 21, 2018.

Crown barrister Brendan White called several witnesses to the stand who told the court they saw a man matching the description of Mr Mendoza allegedly lifting the metal rod above his head before "smashing it down."

Mr Corkery suffered a cut above one of his eyes and his friend, Natalie Wilcox sustained bruising to her right arm.

Footage of Mr Mendoza allegedly grabbing the metal rod and leaving the bar area was shown in court.

Defence barrister Craig Eberhardt argued it was the patrons who had been the aggressors.

Judge Richard Jones heard Darren Alderman, a friend of Mr Corkery and Ms Wilcox, had become angry when Mr Mendoza served a woman who got to the bar after him.

Words were exchanged between Mr Mendoza and Mr Alderman, with the patron being told to leave the premises.

The defence then played clips that appeared to show a bottle being thrown into the bar area and a patron trying to hit Mr Mendoza.

Footage from above the tavern's main entrance shows Mr Corkery entering the premises again and moving in Mr Mendoza's direction, Mr Eberhardt said.

He asked Ms Wilcox why she ran after him, implying she knew something bad was going to happen.

"I was looking out for my friend," she replied.

The trial continues.