Man banned from bars after fighting with police, security

A MAN hopeful of serving in the armed forces narrowly avoided conviction in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Matthew Alfred Douglas Riebe pleaded guilty to four charges which included one count of assault or obstruct a police officer, one count of committing public nuisance and singular counts of failing to leave a licensed premises and being refused entry to a licensed premises.

Riebe had been denied entry to Bojangles at 3.30am on February 22, before he ducked under a chain and entered the nightclub.

Security staff asked Riebe to leave when moments later, Riebe ducked under the chain again and began throwing punches at security guards.

After being removed from the premises again, Riebe did not relent, attempting to gain entry for a third time, to fight another member of staff.

Police officers attended and saw the defendant on the opposite side of Goondoon St from the nightclub.

After speaking to him and attempting to apprehend him, Riebe continued to struggle. In the end three police officers and two security staff were required to handcuff him.

Riebe told the court he had no recollection of the night.

Magistrate Russell Warfield banned Riebe from entering the Central Lane Hotel, The Reef Hotel and MIe Place (formerly Bojangles) for six months and fined Riebe $850, but opted not to record a criminal conviction against him.