The Banana Shire Council administration building.
The Banana Shire Council administration building.

Banana Shire to say ‘G’day’ in a different way

BANANA Shire Council recently resolved to greet tourists in a different way each time they enter the district.

In a general meeting on October 28, the council endorsed the installation of “Welcome to Country” signs.

Discussions were held at a number of consultative meetings over the past 18 months to form an agreement to the wording of the signs.

It was passed at one of these meetings that signs would only be erected on main roads coming into the determined area.

It was also agreed that signs would not be erected until it could be determined that their locations were permanent.

In November 2018, the Iman people of the Banana Shire region agreed to the wording of the required “Welcome to Country” signs.

The signs were subsequently approved by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

With plans to erect more signs in the future, the location of the first is set to be about 1.4km south of the “Woodbine” property access on the Leichhardt Highway (Westwood – Taroom).