Injured wild brumby put down on Curtis Island

A WILD brumby was put down on Curtis Island at the weekend, after Bechtel workers found it injured on the QCLNG construction site.

A Bechtel spokesman said the horse was discovered with a broken leg near the boundary of the project.

"It was quite distressing for the workforce and those involved," he said.

"A licensed animal handler was provided access to the site to assess the condition of the horse.

"It was determined that the humane action to take was to euthanise the animal."

The spokesman said Bechtel informed Queensland Police and relevant regulators about the incident, and it was managed in line with relevant environmental protocols.

Last month, the National Parks Department dismissed concerns that the wild horse population on Curtis Island was being culled. However, the department has spent $55,000 to cull wild pigs since 2011.

While foxes, cats and wild dogs have also been targeted on the island, a department spokesman said there were no plans to cull the growing horse population.

The workers camp tavern on the QCLNG site on Curtis Island is called Brumby's Run, after the horses that were regularly seen on the site at the beginning of construction.