Hang your washing outside to save on energy bills.
Hang your washing outside to save on energy bills.

Bad habits costing Aussies $774

BAD energy habits could cost Australian households an extra $774 during summer.

Comparison site Mozo estimates that Australians will spend an extra $2 million on their electricity bills this summer due to bad habits.

About 40 per cent of Australians leave their airconditioning on during the night, according to Mozo's 2018 energy survey, and this could cost them an extra $378 on their summer electricity bill this year.

About 10 per cent left the aircon on for pets, at an estimated cost of $135, while 20 per cent left the aircon on when they are away from home to keep it cool, costing $47.

Using the tumble dryer instead of drying clothes outside can cost $54, and is something that 13 per cent of households did, while choosing to cool the entire home instead of specific areas added $34 to the average bill, something that 18 per cent of people did.

"As the weather heats up it can be tempting to indulge in bad energy habits for the sake of comfort, but this can come at a major cost over the course of the summer," Mozo director Kirsty Lamont said.

Rising electricity bills are impacting many Australians with the number of households on hardship programs rising to 87,352, the Australian Energy Regulator's latest retail energy market performance in November showed.

There are now 21 per cent more households on hardship programs than two years ago.

Ms Lamont said shopping around could help drive down energy costs.

Mozo compared 427 plans from 37 electricity providers and found that households could save $554 on average by looking for a better deal.

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Leaving the aircon on for your pet could cost you $135 this summer.
Leaving the aircon on for your pet could cost you $135 this summer.


• If your airconditioner has a timer, set it for half an hour before you're due to arrive home to cool the house and avoid blasting it throughout the night;

• Cool your bedroom ahead of bedtime but then switch the aircon off once you go to sleep;

• Only cool frequently used parts of the house;

• Make the most of sunny days by hanging up wet washing rather than using the tumble dryer;

• Check energy rating on new appliances to ensure they are energy efficient; and

• Review your energy bill and shop around to ensure you're getting the best deal.