Black sheer fabric allows you to add a layer while still being able to see underneath.
Black sheer fabric allows you to add a layer while still being able to see underneath. Fotoforce Photography

Back to black for winter

Black is the new black, but if you're worried your signature style is looking a little bland, you can breathe new life into those staples.

Black is a go-to for many women during winter.

For some reason pops of colour feel out of place against gloomy skies and that black ensemble has a cosy appeal.

But black doesn't have to be boring, as Black n Bling's new collection proves.

Using a few different tips and tricks, all ages can wear black comfortably and stylishly, whether you're working the nine to five or heading out for a night on the town.

1 The sheer thought

Layering in winter is an amazing, practical style asset, but the downside can be losing your shape. Black sheer fabric is not only a sexy look but also allows you to add a layer while still allowing to see underneath. Using sheer items is also a great way to make a casual outfit seem like you've put way more effort in than you actually have.

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Add some bling to your black. Fotoforce Photography

2 Get shiny

Adding a bit of bling to your black, as the label name would suggest, is a super simple way to add some excitement to your outfit. A statement jacket or blazer is the perfect way to do this in winter so you can two-birds-one-stone your outfit - jazz up the look while staying warm. A glittering addition can be added to any ensemble - your evening LBD, casual black jeans and a top or a short skirt with tights.

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Mixing textures will give you a different look. Fotoforce Photography

3 Add some texture

Mixing textures is a sophisticated way to add more depth and intrigue to your outfit, even if the textures are also black. You can invest in specific statement pieces like the Black n Bling dress pictured, which you can easily throw a black tee over and make it more casual, or mix simple textures you already own. Mix a black leather skirt with a ribbed cotton tee and a chunky knit; grab a black velvet pinafore, add some stockings and pair with a black denim jacket - anything goes with textures at the moment.