Guy Pearce and Marta Dusseldorp in the telemovie Jack Irish: Dead Point.
Guy Pearce and Marta Dusseldorp in the telemovie Jack Irish: Dead Point. LACHLAN MOORE

Dusseldorp and Pearce return for another Jack Irish tale

A LOT has changed since Marta Dusseldorp last starred with Guy Pearce in a Jack Irish telemovie.

She's now a mum and the new leading lady of Australian TV, starring in two critically acclaimed dramas.

Her character Janet King inspired the Crownies spin-off presently airing on the ABC and she'll soon return in the second season of Channel 7's period drama A Place to Call Home. And to top things off she's up for Most Popular Actress at this month's Logie Awards.

"I was sitting at a bus stop the other week and a woman rolled down her (car) window and yelled out, 'I love Janet King and I love you'," Dusseldorp told The Guide.

"That tells me that people are engaging with the stories that we're all telling. I see myself as part of a team on any project I do."

Dusseldorp reunites with Pearce in the new Jack Irish telemovie Dead Point, the third small-screen adaptation of author Peter Temple's crime series.

She plays Jack's ex Linda, who has moved back to Melbourne and inevitably back into the former lawyer turned private investigator's life. "There's a great charm to him," she said.

"I think for Linda, she's always had a soft spot for him. It's nice to be able to go back into that.

"I think her role in the whole thing is to give Jack a place to relax and feel safe and nurtured and open him up even more. That's her purpose."

Dead Point has Irish in pursuit of a mysterious red book at the request of a high-profile judge.

The investigation throws him into a world of sexy club owners, dodgy drug dealers, bisexual blackmailers and unhinged killers.

Now working as a radio journalist, Linda is also in pursuit of the story behind the dramatic events.

"As much as she wants the story she also is starting to understand him and maybe she needs to pull back a little bit and work with him," Dusseldorp said.

"I think she's actually a bit of a private investigator herself - that's part of her attraction to him. She fancies herself as a bit of a code breaker."

Jack Irish: Dead Point - ABC1 - tonight at 8.30pm