Awoonga Dam is at 97 per cent capacity. Source: Chris Arnold
Awoonga Dam is at 97 per cent capacity. Source: Chris Arnold

Awoonga Dam almost at 100 per cent

AWOONGA dam is nearly at its peak, with a recording of 97 per cent capacity today.

It's a seven per cent increase in just over two weeks.  

And Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Adam Blazak said "today is the day" that the region would receive the rainfall needed to push the dam close to its peak, with forecasts expecting a maximum of 10mm falling across the Boyne catchment.

Mr Blazak said the trough is heading north and after today, he's expecting falls of just 1-2mm four to five times each day until Wednesday, "give or take".

But he said because of the weather's "unpredictability", the bureau is keeping an eye on anywhere south of St Lawrence.

"Our flood monitoring team will be focusing on further north, but they'll be watching all over Queensland," he said.  

"With the [Awoonga] dam so high it won't take much water.

"There's a good shower sitting off the coast right now, but it's not threatening any land at the moment."

He said it was "lucky" the trough had drifted north, as Bundaberg "can't take another millimetre" without flooding.

But Gladstone Area Water Board CEO Jim Grayson reassured that even if the dam does spill before the end of the wet season in April, which is a possibility, the dam "is designed to spill".

He said depute last week's heavy rainfalls, the dam wasn't filling, as the ground was "soaking it up like a sponge".

But the ongoing rainfall had brought plenty of run-off.

"Where we are right now, we are a good level for supply," he said.  

But the Gladstone region needed to deal with plenty of spillage in January 2013 when Awoonga Dam reached its highest recorded capacity of 192.2 per cent. 

Note: The
Note: The "current storage" on the table refers to the December 31, 2015. Source: Gladstone Area Water Board Luke Mortimer