Avenge mission goes wrong after alleged Maccas spit

A MAN who threatened to bash a juvenile after accusing them of spitting on his baby has been fined $800.

Christian Guy Russell Winston, 39, pleaded guilty to public nuisance in the Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The court heard that on January 7, Winston went to the Gladstone PCYC after getting into a confrontation in an online open discussion group.

He entered the foyer, approached a juvenile and said “who do you think you are spitting at a six-month-old baby in McDonald’s?”.

An off-duty police officer told Winston his behaviour constituted public nuisance and tried to get him to leave.

Winston repeated that the juvenile spat on his baby in McDonald’s, and if he was good enough to spit, he was good enough to get bashed.

The court heard Winston was angry about events from the previous day, but refused to make a complaint to police.

The magistrate said Winston’s criminal history was impressive and the act perpetrated on him and his family was vile.

He said Winston’s previous dealings with police may have contributed to his unwillingness to make a complaint.

In sentencing, the magistrate said becoming a vigilante was the wrong way to try and deal with the matter.

A conviction was recorded.