NEW BOOK: Author Jill Bruce with the cover of her new book,  Heron Island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef .
NEW BOOK: Author Jill Bruce with the cover of her new book, Heron Island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef . Contributed

Author inspired by wonders of Heron Island

A WOMAN inspired by the beauty of Heron Island has put pen to paper, to help future generations learn about one of the eight wonders of the world.

Heron Island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef explores the history, geology, vegetation and wildlife on the island and the Great Barrier Reef as a whole.

The book contains hundreds of photos supplied by Heron Island Resort management.

Author Jill Bruce was inspired to write the book after a visit to the island last year.

"We just love the island - we thought it was an amazing place,” Ms Bruce said.

However, when she wanted to know more about its ecosystem she found the information spread out in leaflets.

She asked the resort's management whether a book was available.

"They told me they thought about it but nobody has ever done it - it's always been an idea,” she said.

Ms Bruce volunteered to write the book for free after the idea was well received by management.

"No money has changed hands anywhere and my publisher agreed to do it,” she said.

She also said despite the book's size of 48 pages, she has aimed to cover relevant topics of the island in a manageable way.

The way Ms Bruce organised information in the book has stemmed from her experience as a writer of educational material.

"I have a heading, 300 words, an image - and that's a package,” she said.

"The information is very accessible, whether it's for kids or for adults - a lot of adults have found my books interesting.”

She initially thought the book would be exclusively sold on Heron Island but perceptions changed after a phone call to her publisher.

"They told me 'I think you don't understand the life this book is going to have',” Ms Bruce said.

Schools have asked about buying copies - with one committing to 10 copies.

"It'll be so good in primary schools where they're studying the Barrier Reef,” she said.

"It seemed to be a better idea than I realised.”

The book will be launched on Heron Island on Sunday.