Cocktails are good, but no dancing.
Cocktails are good, but no dancing.

Australia’s dumbest virus restriction

Queensland nightclubs are about to get lit this weekend as virus restrictions ease this Friday from midday.

While up to 100 people will now be able to gather in clubs, order watermelon spritzers and eye off potential suitors, much like the movie Footloose, there will be no dancing allowed.

Patrons will be made to sit while enjoying their overpriced cocktails and, as the State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told the press yesterday, "listen to the music".

Her suggestion has sparked ridicule on Twitter, with the ABC's Leigh Sales leading the charge:




So while it seems COVID-19 is still ruining fun, at least clubbers across the sunshine state can get themselves out of their comfortable sweatpants and into some ill-fitting club gear, have a drink and have … a groove in their chair.

If you're planning on hitting the streets this weekend, here's what you'll notice:

  • 50 customers are allowed in a venue below 200 sqm in size
  • Patrons will be able to collect food and beverages from the bar
  • Casinos are now open
  • Events, such as concerts, can be held, but events attracting crowds of more than 10,000 people need a COVID Safe Event Plan

Enjoy a bit of normalcy, stay safe and remember to only clap on 2 and 4.


Originally published as Australia's dumbest virus restriction