Australia's dodgiest suburb to rent in revealed

EVERYONE at one point in their lives has had to deal with a rental disaster, be that blocked plumbing, a nightmare landlord or a really lazy real estate agent.

Now a website is naming and shaming problematic landlords, real estate rental managers and properties to avoid. 

Don't Rent Me began in 2012 and was designed to help make the rental market a fair and honest place for tenants and to warn others about negative experiences.

Currently 45% of Australians are renting properties.

Founder Anthony Ziebell says the idea came from his own poor rental experience.

"The landlord refused to carry out repairs and the agent was incompetent and tried to take all our bond despite the fact we left the house in good repair. After this I wanted to leave a statement online to warn others and discovered there was no outlet to do this," said Mr Ziebell.

"Don't Rent Me is a platform whereby tenants can air their frustrations, warn others and in the best case scenario, achieve a resolution.

"Don't Rent Me is giving vulnerable tenants a voice." 

Based on the data collected by Don't Rent Me, the city with the highest amount of rental problems is Southport - Queensland. This is closely followed by Shelley - Western Australia, Frankston - Victoria and Stanmore - New South Wales.

Although the website exists to promote negative experiences, founder Anthony Ziebell says there can be very positive outcomes from the reviews.

"Just recently a tenant posted a review of their negative experience with a property. The landlord found the review and approached us to rectify the situation. As it turns out the real estate agency was not letting the landlord know about issues with the property and therefore nothing was being fixed. The landlord has since fired the real estate agency and the issues have been fixed and the review has been taken down. This is exactly what we wanted to do with this website."