Bolwell Nagari 500.
Bolwell Nagari 500.

Australia’s 300km/h supercar revealed

BOUTIQUE sports car maker Bolwell is set to offer a homegrown alternative to the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini with the new Nagari 500.

The Melbourne-based company showed a pre-production version of its next-generation supercar at Motorclassica last week.

Melbourne-based Bolwell is set to launch its Nagari 500.
Melbourne-based Bolwell is set to launch its Nagari 500.

Powered by a Chevrolet-sourced 6.2-litre "LS3" V8 - the same engine found in the last of Australia's Commodore SS models - the new Nagari 500 will pack 372kW, or 500 horsepower.

Older enthusiasts will remember the original Bolwell Nagari of the 1960s and 70s as an exotic-looking machine powered by a range of engines including Ford's legendary 351 cubic inch V8.

Bolwell Nagari 500 will be powered by a big V8.
Bolwell Nagari 500 will be powered by a big V8.

The Nagari re-emerged in 2009 as a $198,000 Lotus alternative with composite bodywork, a Toyota-sourced V6 and six-speed automatic transmission.

But that didn't resonate with buyers, so the car is back with V8 power and a six-speed manual transmission driving the rear wheels.

Carbon kevlar composites help keep the car's mass under 1000kg - half a tonne less than the Australia-bound Chevrolet Corvette - giving it an impressive power-to-weight ratio.

Adaptive shock absorbers, big brakes and fat tyres should translate to impressive grip.

Campbell Bolwell says the car should reach 100km/h in less than three seconds.

"We've had it out for a few drives, and it's a real supercar," he said.

"As with the original Nagari, this is a proper road car - it's hugely powerful, but you can drive it to the shops. It even has a boot."

A tablet-style touchscreen offers access to infotainment features.

The car will be developed over the course of the next year, with final prices and performance figures set to be confirmed in 2020.