Aussies expected to eat 124.3 million easter treats in 2015

NEW research released by Colgate reveals Aussie families are expected to consume a whopping 124.3 million Easter treats over the holiday period.

With Easter treats such as chocolate eggs and hot cross buns hitting the supermarket shelves earlier and earlier each year, it appears Aussies are being tempted more than ever before.

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According to the research, we're giving in to the temptation, treating ourselves throughout the lead up to Easter rather than indulging on the one day. In 2014, half (53%) of the treats consumed by kids and three quarters (72%) of the treats consumed by parents were eaten before the Easter period had even begun.

This resulted in two in five (41%) parents admitting they had to 'hop to the shop' to buy more treats at least once, to stock up before the holiday.

The Colgate survey revealed almost two thirds (64%) of Aussie parents are concerned about their kids' oral health this Easter. And with a further 74% of parents revealing they are lenient with their kids eating more sugary treats than usual, it's clear oral hygiene must stay front of mind during this time.

Dr Sue Cartwright, Scientific Affairs Manager, Colgate Oral Care, said:

"We're all guilty of indulging over Easter - But with the world daily average consumption of sugar per person now at 17 teaspoons - up 45 per cent from 30 years ago - it's important we practice good oral hygiene, especially during sugar filled occasions such as Easter. This can be as simple as using a sugar acid neutralising toothpaste, which will help prevent tooth decay and long term damage."

Easter egg thievery: parents guilty

Think it's only the young ones with the sweet tooths? Think again. The research found:

  • Amongst households purchasing treats, over two thirds (68%) of Aussie parents have admitted to stealing and eating their kids' treats in the lead up to Easter 2014.
  • This equates to thievery of 46.8 million treats over the Easter 2014 period.
  • Almost three in ten parents (28%) admit they're secretly envious of the amount of treats their kids eat over Easter.

Don't let sweet treats leave a sour taste this Easter

The research also unveiled a lack of understanding amongst parents around how kids should be consuming their Easter treats.

Almost all parents (93%) said they'd prefer their kids eat their sugary treats over several days in the Easter break, however, this is not the best approach for preventing tooth decay.

"In regards to oral health, it is best to consume sugary foods at mealtimes and not to snack continuously - even if the amount of sugar consumed at one time is higher - it is better than spreading out consumption," Dr Sue Said.

Although Aussie kids are expected to consume $88.5 million worth of sugary treats this Easter, it doesn't need to be a daunting prospect for parents.

You can help prevent the potentially damaging effects of sugar by incorporating a few simple oral health measures into your family's daily routine in the lead up to, during and after Easter.

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Dr Sue Cartwright's top tips for practicing good oral hygiene for the whole family this Easter are:

  • Brush twice a day: Brush after the last food / drink has been consumed each day, and then at one other time.
  • Don't rush: Take your time and do a thorough job. Brushing should be done for two minutes each time.
  • Help out the young ones: For kids aged under eight, make sure you assist them with brushing.
  • Go soft: Always opt for a brush with soft or extra soft bristles for all family members.
  • Set a good example: Kids are always emulating their parents' habits, so make sure you follow the rules!