Joe Ingles wasn’t happy with how a fan approached him and asked for a photo.
Joe Ingles wasn’t happy with how a fan approached him and asked for a photo.

Aussie superstar calls out rude NBA fan

Joe Ingles always has time for his fans, but he has one very simple requirement from them. Have some manners.

The Aussie basketball superstar wasn't happy after a rude fan approached him, as he was with his family, and threw a camera in his face demanding a selfie.

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Ingles wasn't happy with how the encounter played out and took to his Twitter account to school basketball fans on the proper way to approach athletes and ask for pictures.

During the NBA All-Star Weekend, video surfaced of Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley calmly telling a shouting fan to say please when asking for a picture.

The video received plenty of praise and it didn't take Beverley long to jump onto Ingles' tweet.

Ingles took exception to one user on social media who turned the issue back onto Ingles by replying: "Comes with the territory brother. Stop crying. You make $12M playing a sport. Millions of people would do anything to be in your shoes. Take a goddamn picture anytime anywhere and recognise how lucky you truly are."

Ingles' Utah Jazz teammates, never far from dishing out on one another, decided to share the tweet with their own reactions.

All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell and All-Star Rudy Gobert responded to Ingles, but were in no way helpful with their replies.

The story however did end on a more positive note with the man at the centre of the incident coming forward to apologise over his behaviour.