Pair of legends deliver country music’s finest to CQ

COUNTRY DUO: Troy Cassar-Daley and Adam Harvey are boot-scooting their way to CQ.
COUNTRY DUO: Troy Cassar-Daley and Adam Harvey are boot-scooting their way to CQ. Contributed

TROY Cassar-Daley is a household name in Australia, and with a career spanning over 20 years, he's not about to give his vocal cords a rest.

Troy is addicted to his job, and who wouldn't be?

He travels around the nation with good mate Adam Harvey delivering passionate performances to die-hard country fans, paying tribute to legends such as Slim Dusty and Merle Haggard.

There's guitars and foot tapping and plenty of mischief on stage - it's a hobby for which the guys are paid.

Currently, Adam and Troy are touring their show and album The Great Country Song Book, received well by audiences, even those who write-off country and western music before they step foot into the venue.

"It's been sold out, every show. It's been an unexpected success. You'd be surprised by the age group that comes. The young ones were dragged along by their parents but they love it at the end. They say to me, 'I'm bloody glad I came down. It's not boring'," Troy says.

STAR PERFORMER: Country legend Troy Cassar-Daley will entertain Rockhampton fans later this month.
STAR PERFORMER: Country legend Troy Cassar-Daley will entertain Rockhampton fans later this month. Ella Archibald-Binge

While most artists produce a good quality album and then embark on a tour to spread their music around, Troy and Adam did it the other way around.

"Adam and I were in Nashville and we said we should do another concert with our favourite songs. In 45 minutes we wrote our favourite songs from country musos on coasters on a bus. We wrote down 270 songs for a potential show and got down to 125. It was just some mates having some fun but we sold out every venue. Then people wanted an album, punters needed it, so we made the Great County Song Book, we were pretty chuffed with it," he says.

The album sold 35,000 copies in five weeks. It was a hit, just as the tour has proven to be.

"We started the tour in August last year in Tassie and our last run is North Queensland," the 45-year-old says.

"We will probably get drunk in Maryborough on the last night of the tour."

Troy loves to muck around.

"I laugh a lot at fart jokes and my kids encourage me. Dads are all the same," he laughs.

Troy has a serious side, though, and it's music that has kept him grounded during the hard times.

"I had my first broken heart when I was 15. Music was company for me; Mum worked on the trains all day and all I had was the record player. It was a good friend," he says.

Since he was a teen, Troy loved experimenting with music and it was always something he did.

"I was in bands, all sorts of bands. It was a real mixed bag; I grew up pretty quick as I was an only child," he says.

"I did a cooking course and I wanted to be on a resort somewhere. I wasn't cut out to be a chef, but my family liked my cooking.

"I then cut fence posts for a while when I was young to earn a bit of extra money on properties. I did a lot of jobs to support the music thing, but I never felt like music was a job."

Country star Adam Harvey loves regional tours.
Country star Adam Harvey loves regional tours. Christopher Chan

And that's everyone's ultimate goal, isn't it? But right now, Troy has a smaller goal that he would love to see made into a reality.

"I want to play in halls in the outback; I've been planning to get back to remote towns. These folk deserve great shows," he says.

Troy's pure love of music has been passed on to his children, too.

"I've got two kids - one is 13 and one is 15. We live in Brisbane and both my kids love music," he says.

"I love fishing, mowing and looking after my horses. We have a weekend property we try and get to."

Troy and Adam are heading to Rockhampton for their show on Friday, May 30, at the Pilbeam Theatre.

"I haven't been to Rocky for 18 months. I urge people to come and enjoy it - we saved the best until last."