Liz Cambage has regrets, blaming jet lag for losing her cool.
Liz Cambage has regrets, blaming jet lag for losing her cool.

Liz Cambage backtracks from feud with Lauren Jackson

AUSSIE basketball star Liz Cambage has backtracked from a public slanging match with Aussie sporting icon Lauren Jackson.

On Thursday, Cambage  swiped back at comments from Jackson following Australia's loss to Japan during last week's pre-Olympics series.

Olympic great Jackson had said Cambage was going to have to "suck it up" after again being treated with hostility by international whistleblowers.

Cambage was ejected in the fourth quarter of last week's loss to Japan and also was infamously removed from the Commonwealth Games final in 2018, cementing her status as a notoriously combustible star.

Jackson's advice, urging Cambage to accept that some referees will fail to protect her from heavy contact, hit a nerve with Cambage.

Best buds.
Best buds.

"I get it. I know it's frustrating and it's never going to change so she's just going to have to suck it up," said Jackson, Basketball Australia's head of women's basketball.

"That's international basketball and it may not be fair.

"Tall people, we always get hit. We're big and she is big and she's one of the best players in the world right now.

"I think for Lizzie to move through this she's just got to look forward and think about how she's going to cope with being treated like that by the referees because it's not going to stop."

Cambage took aim at Jackson, a former Opals teammate before retracting her comments on the same day.

The WNBA star said her swipe at Jackson was simply the result of being "tired and jet-lagged".

She also hinted on Twitter that she would one day reveal how she really felt when writing about the incident in her own autobiography.

"Just one of those days I gotta remind myself to breathe deeply, hold my tongue and save it all for the book," Cambage wrote.

"Sorry for my tired and jet lagged self for getting defensive. we are sisters for life and I shouldn't have let a stupid article upset me xx."



Jackson also put the rift to bed by responding to Cambage's tweet that things were "all good" between them.