Aussies would enjoy Made in Australia aisles

IMAGINE walking into a supermarket that was clearly sectioned by country of growth or manufacturing.

At first you'd see the fruit section with Australian grown on one side and overseas exports on the other.

Then you venture into the meat section and you can see beef grown and butchered in Central Queensland, sheep raised and butchered in New South Wales and chickens locally grown and plucked.

Next is the cereals and jams. One side is Australian grown products and made in Australia. The other is the mix of overseas and Australian grown and made products.

In recent years, consumers have moved towards the trend of, if financially viable, opting to buy non-caged chicken products and reading the labels on the back of shelved items to check how much of the product has come from the sunburnt country.

Now, there appears to be a calling for Australian-made aisles in supermarkets, as labels get less and less clear about what percentage of the ingredients are grown in the land of sweeping plains.

There has been a positive response from online readers when we asked if they would like to see an aisle dedicated to Australian-made goods in supermarkets.

Out of the 404 people who voted, 90% said yes, with many comments stating they would get behind the idea.

qldguy21 from Gladstone South said: "They have the aussie made logo's... I'm all for the aisles. There's already other nationalities with their own aisles (well half aisles anyway).

It'll mean that Aussie products will be either supported, or dodged (mostly because they are the dearest)."

news-hound from Urangan said: "I buy all my vegies and eggs at the local markets... problem solved. Only wish that just like in English "rural" marketplaces... pork, beef, lamb, veal and chicken were also available direct from the farmer!"

budgie from Allenstown said: "My Australian grown aisle is out the back door. What I can't grow is bartered, bought locally @ the markets or @ the local grocery store. If all these fail, I may selectively purchase from the big two supermarkets after work. We need to support Aussie grown first and foremost."