DEFIANT: Police Minister and Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller was under fire in parliament yesterday over allegations by Victor Attwood in Friday's QT.
DEFIANT: Police Minister and Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller was under fire in parliament yesterday over allegations by Victor Attwood in Friday's QT. Liam Kidston

Opposition Leader Springborg calls for Miller to be sacked

THE Queensland Parliament will hear from Deputy Mayor Victor Attwood in a private citizen's right of reply to assertions by Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller in parliament that he made "untrue" allegations in a sworn affidavit.

Ms Miller was under fire in parliament yesterday on several issues on a day where Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg declared that "it is time for the Police Minister to go".

As reported in Friday's QT, on May 29 last year Ms Miller allegedly encouraged Deputy Mayor Cr Victor Attwood to overthrow the Mayor, made comments about Cr Pisasale's heavily scrutinised mayoral funds and said "there's more to come out yet".

This was when Ms Miller was Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee (PCMC), later known as the PCCC.

Cr Attwood has supported his claims in a sworn affidavit provided to the QT.

In question time yesterday Deputy Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek asked: "Is the Police Minister asserting that the Deputy Mayor of Ipswich has made a false sworn declaration which would lead him subject to criminal sanction?"

Ms Miller refuted Cr Attwood's claims.

"I deny the claims. They are untrue," Ms Miller said in parliament.

Shadow Attorney General Ian Walker also referred to Cr Attwood's affidavit as follows:

"I refer to a signed affidavit by the Deputy Mayor of the Ipswich City Council which quotes the Police Minister as saying the Mayor of Ipswich will end up in jail and there is a lot more to come out yet," he said.

"And I ask: Has the Minister, as Police Minster, referred any serious matters she has knowledge of to the police?"

Ms Miller responded: "In relation to the claims in the local paper, I deny those claims. They are untrue."

If people have had their reputations seriously tarnished in parliament, to protect their reputation they are entitled to make a written response which can then be tabled in parliament.

"I have been told that because of what she said about me in parliament today that I have a private citizen's right of reply and I intend to take it up," Cr Attwood said.

"I would just be reaffirming what I have told you guys (at the QT) previously and I might be pointing out some other things.

"I don't resile from anything that I have said."

Cr Attwood said he came forward with allegations about what Ms Miller had said to him at the Goodna Police Station on May 29 last year, and on other occasions, because of love for the Labor Party.

"I am a proud member of the Labor Party and it is a party that I love and have been involved with since 1974,' he said.

He said those involved in the party had an obligation "to make people's lives better and to live up to the ideals, philosophy and ethos of the Labor Party".

Mr Springborg, in a press conference, said Ms Miller had some serious questions to answer with regard to the allegations made by Cr Attwood.

"The circumstances reported today that the Police Minister may have involved herself in knowing information around an investigation regarding the Mayor of Ipswich and the possibility of criminal charges and that person going to jail is beyond incredible," he said.

"The other question is that the Police Minister at that stage was the Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Commission.

"Did the Police Minister involve herself in those investigations?

"Was the Police Minister at the forefront of a vendetta against Mayor Paul Pisasale, and did she make any inappropriate contact as a part of that?

"I think simply today the Police Minister must come out and answer some questions. She has to come out of hiding.

"This is a cover up and what appears to me, the Police Minister is a protected species.

"What we saw today (in question time) was a protection racket, from the Premier down, trying to protect the Police Minister."

Mr Springborg said "the more serious issue… that's starting to grow; the Police Minister has made an assertion that the Deputy Mayor of Ipswich may have in fact signed a false declaration".

"She has asserted that she didn't say certain alleged things about her in relation to Mayor Paul Pisasale," he said.

"The only one prepared to put their credibility on the line is the Deputy Mayor of Ipswich."

Ms Miller has denied all of Cr Attwood's claims in Friday's QT.