WORLD'S A STAGE: Members of Indelability Arts with Rosella Park students at the GECC.
WORLD'S A STAGE: Members of Indelability Arts with Rosella Park students at the GECC. Mike Richards GLA231018GECC

At the Legless Bar anything can happen and probably will

INDELABILITY Arts is the first professional theatre company in Queensland for people who experience disability.

Ensemble members Karen Roberts and fellow actor Rebecca Alexander arrived in Gladstone on the weekend to prepare for their first performances and to talk about their unique group.

"We found something was missing in Queensland for disabled artists," Rebecca said.

"Art is something we're very passionate about and there was a real need to give disabled artists a professional outlet.

"Which is why we started the company three years ago.

"We were given a grant to develop a work and we put a big call out for disabled artists.

"That's how our ensemble was formed."

Indelability Arts gave the group of talented individual performers the chance to work together as professional artists.

"These guys are artists first and their disability is part of them, but it's not everything," Karen said.

"It's given us the opportunity to be want we want to be, which is actors.

"Because it's a disability group, if you're having a hard time the others understand that and they're very supportive."

"The group is extremely professional but very supportive of each other as well.

"We're always evolving and changing the way that we run our rehearsals and our performances, to cater for the ensemble and what they need at the time.

On Tuesday the group performed their first ever show in Gladstone, 'Love Me'.

"Afterwards we did a workshop at Rosella Park School," Rebecca said.

"It's fabulous in the workshops, working alongside people with different abilities and disabilities," Karen said.

"Teaching them activities, getting to know them and learning from them too."

Rebecca said that people are pretty quick to judge, and have low expectations on people with disabilities.

"But we expect a lot from our guys, and I'm very proud of the work that they've created," she said.

"They've shown the world what they can do, what they're capable of.

"They're the trailblazers for arts and disability."

Indelability Arts will be performing their cabaret, 'Look Mum... No Hands!!!' at the GECC tonight.

Tickets are complimentary.