Assault after Christmas party leads to hefty fine in court

A LOCAL man charged with three counts of assault and one count of urinating in a public place copped an $850 fine in the Gladstone's Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Samuel Keeping plead guilty to all charges which occurred after a work Christmas party on December 17.

Mr Keeping was approaching Kin Kora McDonalds to relieve himself when 'the effects of Christmas cheer took over'.

Police approached the intoxicated Mr Keeping as he was urinating, and when they queried his actions, he responded 'having a s**t d***head.'

Upon the approach of the police, Mr Keeping became 'highly aggressive', struggling with police, clenching his fists and kicking a police officer while in a holding cell, causing 'discomfort and mild pain'.

Mr Keeping conceded that his actions were totally unwarranted and issued a full apology to the attending police officers.

Since enrolling in an anger management course, Mr Keeping claimed he was remorseful of his actions.

Magistrate Russell Warfield warned the defendant that his actions were exactly what happens when people consume way too much alcohol, noting that alcohol consumption is performed in excess too frequently these days.

The magistrate also alerted the defendant his actions had escalated from what would have been a small fine, to a recorded criminal conviction and a hefty fine.