Comedian Lee Hurst started trend with first tweet using the hashtag
Comedian Lee Hurst started trend with first tweet using the hashtag INM

#AskIslamicState hashtag mocks terrorist organisation

THE Twitter hashtag #AskIslamicState has begun trending on the social networking site with a view to poking fun at the terrorist organisation known as Islamic State (Isis).

It appears to have been started by comedian Lee Hurst who put out the first tweet using the hashtag at 6.28pm on Friday, August 22, to his 25,100 followers.

He tweeted: "#AskIslamicState When do you expect the Caliphate to be opened up for tourism?"

A few minutes later, he followed up with: "#AskIslamicState I'm thinking of visiting, but hate the idea of missing Celebrity Big Brother. Do you show it?"

The clearly tongue-in-cheek move has sparked an online frenzy as people come up with their own questions to pose at the group that has declared a holy war on the West.

Others chimed in with: "Will you do the ice bucket challenge?" and "What is the maximum wattage you plan to allow for Hoovers?".

It comes just days after brutal footage emerged showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley at the hands of an Isis militant.

The video received worldwide condemnation and has sparked an international manhunt for Foley's killer who spoke with a British accent.

A number of Isis supporters took to Twitter to share footage of the murder but many have since had their accounts banned and have dispersed on to different social media sites.

Mens Rea tweeted: "The great thing about Twitter is nobody is safe from Trolling, even Global, Violent, Hell-Bent Jihadists [sic]."

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