Two ASADA staff members have tested positive for the Coronavirus.
Two ASADA staff members have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

ASADA caught up in Coronavirus nightmare

Australian anti-doping CEO David Sharpe says ASADA can continue to operate with the highest of drug-testing standards despite two members of the agency testing positive to COVID-19.

ASADA confirmed that the two staffers from the national agency's Canberra office were placed immediately into self-isolation when it became apparent that a person they had contact with tested positive to the virus.

"These staff members are not from our testing team and have not had any contact with athletes during this period," Sharpe said.

"ASADA's response to COVID-19 was well advanced and included the activation of a Business Continuity Plan which dealt with many levels of response, including flexible staff working arrangements.

"ASADA's investment in IT technology ensured all ASADA Canberra office staff could move immediately to a work from home program.

"This limited the risk of exposure of staff to the virus.

"All ASADA Canberra office staff are working from home."

Just how Australia's anti-doping watch dog would be able to operate given the strict health and safety guidelines being metered out by the government in response to curbing the spread of the virus was always viewed as a potential hurdle for ASADA.



But Sharpe said he had full faith in the agency being able to maintain the highest level of integrity for every Australian athlete and sporting code.

"These are difficult times in our country and our thoughts are with our colleagues and the community as it struggles through this period,'' Sharpe said.

"Like many organisations around the world we are dealing with an unprecedented situation requiring an ability to be agile in the way we make decisions and work.

"Every day the senior leaders of ASADA meet to assess the latest advice from government and make decisions on how to keep our business operating.

"This latest decision is just an extension of the measures we have put in place to protect staff and athletes alike, while still delivering the services Australians expect of us.''

Originally published as ASADA caught up in Coronavirus nightmare