Arts team brings out creative talent

WOODY Tryhorn's creativity was unleashed last week in the making of a film scene called Penelope's Loom.

A resident at Blue Care's Edenvale Aged Care facility, Mr Tryhorn said the creative experience gave expression to his love of theatre and music.

"When I was at school, I sang in an opera," he said. "I was the only one in the whole of the college that could hit bottom G," he said.

"Since then I've had nothing to do with theatre and the arts.

"All of a sudden, Steve comes down, and he's just blown us away."

Steven Mayer-Miller and his Crossroad Arts team have conducted workshops over the past four weeks.

"He's showing us that once you get into a retirement village, that's not the end of life," said Mr Tryhorn.

"There's still a lot of things you can do with life. It's just incredible what this guy is doing."

According to mental health advocacy group beyondblue, about 35% of people in residential aged care facilities suffer depression, compared with between 10% and 15% in the general population.

Beyondblue deputy CEO Dr Brian Graetz said engaging the mind and having fun can help prevent cognitive decline, such as dementia.

These activities also can assist to combat mental health issues.

"There's good strong evidence around this," he said.

"The amount of cognitive activity you have, the amount of engagement, they all have benefits for prevention of mental health issues and cognitive decline."