Arson still a possibility in dressage horse fatal fire

POLICE are no closer to working out if a stable fire that claimed a dressage horse earlier this week was intentionally hit.

Calliope man Gregory Brown received burns to his hands while he was attempting to save his prized dressage horse Edenfield Santorini when a fire broke out in his stable early Tuesday morning.

A police investigation still has not determined the cause of the fire, but a Queensland Police representative confirmed arson was being considered as a possibility.

An Equestrian Queensland representative said it was doubtful the incident was intentional to gain a competitive edge though.

Gregory Brown is well known in the racing industry but only became involved in dressage in recent years.

Edenfield Santorini, known as Theo, was an eight-year-old warmblood chestnut gelding standing 16.2 and half hands high.