Arrow LNG plant under fire over harbour water quality

ARROW Energy has denied claims by environmentalists that nitrogen dioxide emissions from its proposed LNG plant on Curtis Island would make Gladstonians sick.

The company said the one area that would be affected by emissions beyond air quality criteria, was already beyond those levels from existing industrial activity.

Arrow is also defending itself from new claims about impacts to water quality.

Environmental group Save the Reef is now attacking the LNG company and the State Government over Gladstone harbour's water quality, claiming the government had accepted Arrow's data that showed it was "woeful", thereby allowing it to set its own water quality criteria.

An Arrow Energy spokesman said the company had completed thorough air and marine quality assessments of its proposed LNG plant as part of the environmental assessment process.

"The air quality assessment identified one site outside of the sensitive areas (Arrow's proposed mainland launching site) that already exceeds the criteria due to existing industrial activity," he said.

He confirmed the water quality criteria was being developed in consultation with the regulator to reflect existing water quality conditions.