Nicholas Jake Downie, 24, pleaded guilty to common assault.
Nicholas Jake Downie, 24, pleaded guilty to common assault.

Argument over car parts leads to assault

A heated disagreement between two former best mates over four-wheel drive equipment spiralled into violence, a court heard.

Nicholas Jake Downie, 24, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday to common assault.

Police prosecutor Kelvin Boyd read the facts of Downie’s case to the court and Acting Magistrate Damian Carroll.

On the night of August 14 last year, a group of friends and associates arrived at a 4WD event at Landcruiser Park near Kilcoy, Queensland.

The victim, 32, who was previously good friends with Downie, had recently purchased a specific piece of 4WD equipment from the ex-partner of Downie.

About 10.30pm, Downie along with his current partner and another friend approached the victim at their campsite.

Downie started accusing the victim of purchasing the 4WD equipment from his ex-partner.

The victim described Downie as “incredibly hostile” and “in my face”.

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A scuffle broke out between the two where Downie punched the victim three times to the head and neck area.

The victim sustained upper back and neck pain and his head was very sore and stiff.

The victim was unable to attend work for a period of time, believed to be two days.

Police spoke with Downie who declined an opportunity to be interviewed regarding the matter.

Downie was subsequently issued a notice to appear in court.

Defence lawyer Robert Kendrick said the piece of equipment was given to Downie’s ex-partner as a gift.

“The victim approached my client’s ex-girlfriend and has purchased my client’s bullbar from her that was handmade by my client,” Mr Kendrick said.

“He asked his friend not to do this, telling him that he was trying to recover the item following their separation.”

Mr Carroll fined Downie $1250 and did not record a conviction.

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