Are you living the typical Queenslander life?
Are you living the typical Queenslander life? monkeybusinessimages

Are you living the life of a typical Australian?

WHETHER you enjoy wearing thongs and drinking a stubbie or have five children and a mini bus, the typical Aussie is pretty different in everyone's eyes.

However, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealed the key characteristics that make you a typical Australian, and more importantly, a typical Queenslander.

If you're a 38-year-old female who was born in Australia and is of English ancestry, married with two children and has completed Year 12, living in a house with three bedrooms and two vehicles, then according to the ABS 2016 Census preview, you're a typical Queenslander.

The typical Queenslander is likely to do between five and 14 hours of unpaid domestic work a week.

If you're a 37-year-old male and spends less than five hours a week on domestic work, that makes you pretty typical too, according to the census.

Although many of the results are similar across the nation, Queensland's typical migrant was born in New Zealand.

The ABS data showed the age of a typical Australian varies across states where the typical Tasmanian is 42-years-old and the typical Northern Territorian is 34-years-old.

The ABS census is a sample of further data to be released later this year on June 27.

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