The old saying first impressions count is true when selling a house.
The old saying first impressions count is true when selling a house.

First impressions count when selling property

ARE you jeopardising the value of your home in buyers' eyes without realising it?

In the real estate game, first impressions may count for everything, and according to Raine & Horne agent Shelley Old, the best remedies may sometimes be the simplest.

Here are some inexpensive tips that may make a world of difference how potential buyers see your home.

Consider the street appeal of your home. Make the home look inviting, so potential buyers can picture themselves coming home each night. Mulching your garden, mowing the lawn or adding some new plants to the exterior makes the crucial difference between a house and a home.

Look at the property through objective eyes. What would turn you away? Do you have large dogs? If so, tie them up during inspections. On the same note, clean up any droppings on the lawn, place shoes in a cupboard and sweep the front and back entrances.

Have an eye for detail when preparing to put your house on the market. Search for the small things that will provide ammunition for potential buyers to negotiate the price down. Peeling ceilings, unsecured hinges, and all the small cosmetic elements. Nothing is too trivial, if you see it, buyers will too.

Reflect on the first time you walked through the house. What projects did you envision for the future? How many can you tick off the list? Is there time to take the list to completion?

It is highly recommended that you purchase a bunch of flowers or a bag of oranges to create a warm interior and a fresh scent.. The property should be as clean as your facilities allow. Put dishes and any washing away.

Remember, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make a notable difference.