Rebecca Senyard Plumbette and Emma Zeimer at this year's MIGAS Awards.
Rebecca Senyard Plumbette and Emma Zeimer at this year's MIGAS Awards.

Apprentice overcomes cyclone wreckage to win workplace award

AFTER losing almost everything to a cyclone in 2014, Emma Zeimer has been recognised for her hard work and dedication to her workforce as an electrician.

The Bracewell resident was awarded Queensland's Female Excellence in Vocation at this year's MIGAS Awards.

The apprentice says she enjoys the learning process and problem solving required in her apprenticeship and finds the work highly satisfying.

"Developing sought after skills like high attention to detail and problem solving is important for such a high-risk industry as Electrical because a fault could put people's lives at risk," she says. 

"Now that I have these skills it ensures that everyone involved in that job, both electricians and customers, is safe and I can also aim to reach goals before they are due which is really rewarding."

Ms Zeimer says it has been a challenging year as a victim of the Northern Queensland Cyclones of 2014 but she is staying positive and looking forward to the future.

"My partner and I lost everything in the cyclone last year and it looks like we will have to start from scratch according to the insurance company," says Ms Zeimer.

"It's tough but all you can do is move forward from it. We know we can rebuild our lives despite this set back so we're not going to let it get us down," she says.

"It has motivated me to work hard in my apprenticeship and focus on starting fresh because I know there is no way but up from where we were last year," says Ms Zeimer. 

Emma is completing her Certificate III in Electrotechnology through the MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees program.

Emma Zeimer was one of 10 apprentices and trainees awarded at this year's National and Queensland MIGAS Awards.

MIGAS Awards acknowledge and support the hard work that MIGAS apprentices and host companies accomplish in securing Australia's future.