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Apple Music goes live: iOS 8.4 released to public

APPLE Music, the company's competitor to Spotify, has gone live in an update that can be downloaded now.

The new version of iOS, 8.4, can be downloaded from the Settings app. That will automatically install a new version of the Music app, where Apple's new streaming service will live.

To download the service, users head to the Settings app. Clicking on "General" and then "Software update" brings up the screen, and the phone will check for the update with Apple's servers.

The rest of the update process is then automatic - the phone will download and then install the update itself.

Unlike some previous iOS updates, the new software seems to be downloading fairly quickly and without many problems.

Once the install is complete, users sign up and go through a special setup that lets them choose what music they're into.

Signing up to the service will take place in the app. The first three months will be free, after which users will be charged £9.99 (A$20.35).

The Beats 1 radio station - which will broadcast 24 hours a day and be run by Zane Lowe - is scheduled to go live at 5pm, an hour after the update was released.