A hopeful render of the new Apple iPhone 8. Picture: Benjamin Geskin
A hopeful render of the new Apple iPhone 8. Picture: Benjamin Geskin

Apple iPhone 8 tipped to break sales records

BUYERS don't even know what they look like but Apple's latest iPhones are tipped to break sales records in Australia this month, with more than 150,000 Aussies expected to buy the smartphones even before they appear in stores.

New research released by Finder.com.au showed Australians would splash more than $150 million on iPhone preorders following Apple's Wednesday announcement, potentially causing national sellouts, and 1.2 million Aussies would buy new iPhones in their first three months on sale.

The forecasts comes despite widespread rumours Apple would raise the price of its iPhone handsets this year, and competition from its biggest rival, Samsung, which could release its flagship Galaxy Note 8 handset in stores on the same day in Australia.

Finder.com.au tech expert Alex Kidman said unprecedented hype and expectations Apple would launch three smartphones at this year's event - including a redesigned, premium iPhone - gave the company "better odds than usual" of breaking its own sales records.

"I reckon they could be on to a winner here because releasing three models gives them more avenues for a range of pricing," he said.

"We've heard there are going to be some really expensive iPhones, but having a smaller and cheaper model would mean Apple sell more overall."

Mr Kidman said reports from the United States pointed to a significant iPhone price jump this year, and "the top end" of the range could reach $2000 for the first time.

But Telsyte managing director Foad Fadaghi said Australian consumers relied on smartphones more than ever and would likely spend big dollars on advanced new models.

"People are getting more dependent on their smartphones for more aspects of their lifestyle and when you become more dependent on technology the likelihood of you investing more in a higher-quality product increases," he said.

"When something is your primary camera, your primary email device, when almost every part of your digital lifestyle is centred around this device, you're likely to justify the investment."

Despite competition from Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, due in Australian stores on September 22, Mr Fadaghi predicted Apple would dominate phone sales in the final half of the year "without a doubt".