Appeal of Star Wars movies crosses generations

I HAVEN'T been to the movies now for over a year and I know what you're thinking, why?

One of the reasons is that I don't have the time, another reason would be that I can't afford to go as it costs about as much as I spend on paying my house off.

Probably the full reason is that I haven't seen anything to really grab me or make me want to sit in the dark for three hours, until now.

On the weekend I was watching Star Wars Episode Four - A New Hope with my kids for the first time. (I know bad father for not getting them to watch it before now)

Whilst I was explaining to my kids how cool this movie was made at a time that didn't involve mobile phones and electric car windows, I saw a trailer for the next instalment and I was hooked.

This next episode 7 just blew me away with the effects, action and drama that the first one did nearly 40 years ago. I remember being part of all the fanfare when I lived in Sydney during the 70's.

Star Wars was everywhere and you couldn't escape seeing Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in some promotional merchandise which is now worth millions I'm sure.

This next movie can't come quick enough but when I looked at its release date of December 2015 we all nearly fell over.

How can we wait?

How can we involve ourselves in this franchise and still keep the rebellion thoughts alive for so long?

But I do know, if the looks on my kids' faces are anything to go by, they will still be as excited as me, I'm sure.

We had to watch the New Hope movie on the laptop as we couldn't work out how to work the TV DVD player which made the exercise a little harder but as both my kids didn't move off their chairs I think I'm on a winner.

I also know that come Christmas time, if I get them anything to do with the movie I will be the coolest Dad in all the universe.

Spoiler alert too: Episode Seven has Darth Vader coming back from the dead alongside Michael Jackson and Michael Schumacher comes out of his coma and Bubbles the chimp enters in the next round of The Voice!

May the force be with you, Rob.