Taxis to gain GPS system, security camera

LOCAL taxis will not only be a lot safer but also 20 to 30 per cent more efficient thanks to a new global tracking and security system.

Gladstone is one of several Queensland cities to adopt the new procedure in which each taxi is tracked by a Global Positioning System (GPS).

Townsville Taxi managing director John Lobwein said the new system would have benefits both for the taxi drivers and passengers.

'The taxis will be a lot safer for the drivers, but the GPS will also mean that when you call for a taxi we can find the closest one to you so it is more efficient,' he said.

The new system also enables the base to listen into taxis if the driver feels threatened.

Mr Lobwein said the new phone system would mean regular users had their details on file, so that taxis were dispatched at a faster rate.

Gladstone Blue and White Taxis director Allan Rowe welcomed the new system.

Gladstone taxis will also be installed with cameras by the end of the year, increasing security even further.