The search for the Tweed's best coffee.
The search for the Tweed's best coffee. Valentyn Volkov

Coffee or sex, which would you prefer?

SURE, it is a nice way to wake up but do people really enjoy coffee more than sex?

Apparently yes.

In a study of more than 4000 Australians, almost 3500 reckon they would take their daily caffeine hit over alcohol, chocolate, shopping, smoking and yes, even sex.

The research commissioned by The Coffee Club unsurprisingly found 70% of those surveyed said they "rely" on their morning coffee to start their day, while 30% concede they are addicted.

The Coffee Club franchises are popping up everywhere, with the franchised cafes available even in most small towns in Queensland and New South Wales, depending on your idea of small.

In 2013, the chain served 40 million cups of coffee.

Director John Lazarou stopped short of admitting addiction but said he downed up to 10 coffees a day.

"No doubt I'd struggle to concentrate at work without my caffeinated companion," he said.

Which would you prefer?

This poll ended on 29 January 2014.

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