How good is city's liveability rating?

IF you had your "druthers" you'd think living in Noosa would have delivered a better quality of life than living in Gladstone.

Well, you'd be wrong.

And if you thought the seachangers and treechangers are moving from southern climes to beautiful Queensland because the quality of life is better up here; then you'd be wrong again.

And if you are living in Gladstone and don't like the quality of life here, then move to Calliope because the old Calliope Shire local government area it seems, has a far better quality of life than Gladstone.

A national comparison study carried out by Bankwest ranked 590 local government authorities throughout the country based on health, home ownership, employment, earnings, education and crime rates.

Gladstone came in at 145 and Calliope at 81; some 60 places better than the harbour city. Noosa came in at 290, some 55 places behind Central Queensland's own sin city of Rockhampton. And we won't point out how far Gladstone and Calliope ranks ahead of that.

Third generation Gladstone resident and retired builder Jack Mortensen, has spent his entire 83 years in Gladstone and has a wry smile at the rankings.

"They've buggered up a few things here," said Jack.

"They've buggered up a few things in Tannum as well," he said.

The inaugural life member of the Port Curtis Sailing Club is entitled to have his say, simply because he's seen a few things in the town over the years including a few bad planning decisions.

Southern developers who have no interest except profit aren't exactly in Jack's top 10 of best things to have happened to the city either.

In fact, only one local government authority in Queensland ranks in the top 25 and that's Cambooya on the Darling Downs.

But if you're keen for a tree change, need a job to do it and don't mind a place where churches are few and men of religion are scanty; then the outer Barcoo can offer 100% employment and might be the place for you.

Despite what people may think of Victorians, their number plates say it all -. "Victoria the place to be".

So the reasons for the mass migration to the sunshine state is a mystery.

Even renowned and award winning The Observer columnist Paul McGann's Victorian home town of Chiltern is in one of the country's top 15 local government authorities which makes his choice of Gladstone as home for last 15 years one those great cosmic mysteries.

Melbourne is Australia's most liveable city with four of the country's top 10 local government authorities listed in that city.

And the worst local government authority in Queensland?

Well, it's nearby at Woorabinda but it's only the second worst in the country ranked 589 of 590.