Colourful finale to NAIDOC celebration

NAIDOC week wrapped up yesterday, ending with a colourful march down Goondoon Street attended by both indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

With an impressive turn out of a few hundred, the march was deemed a success by organisers and illustrated the importance and presence of the indigenous community in Gladstone.

Gladstone resident, Peter Gross, said NAIDOC week was very important to him as a fellow Australian and empathised with the indigenous community and their frustrations.

"I may not be indigenous but I fully support everything they are trying to do and achieve.

"It's essential that indigenous children receive the same eduction and opportunities as everyone else," he said.

Mayor of Gladstone, George Creed, said it was great to see many different people getting involved in the march and that NAIDOC week was more than just about creating awareness in the community.

"The aboriginal heritage of the region should not be forgotten.

In order to bring about change, it's important to recognise the fact that aboriginal and indigenous Australians are often disadvantaged particularly in aspects like education," he said.