Gladstone's 'anti-fluoridation cowboys' won with 'fear campaign': Opinion

THE anti-fluoridation cowboys have finally won the Gladstone debate, convincing the regional council to remove the fluoride top-up program.

They did not present credible evidence, just a fear campaign.

There was no long-range medical study, toxicology report or professional analysis pertaining to Gladstone, just internet rhetoric from non-quotable resources already disproven by health professionals and modern papers.

The "top-up" was another "service" to the region.

It's disappointing the glory of reducing rates has cost us another service. Will there be further reductions in rates? It would be a pointless vote if there wasn't.

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The council has forgotten its core value: see a gap in community service and fill it at cost.

The many unfortunate children whose parents are unable to afford or ignore their dental health, had the fluoride top-up program as a viable back-up.

They're completely unprotected, thanks to mere lies and misinformation.

Sadly, the new council doesn't seem to realise or care that the rates and taxes used to install the program are now wasted upon dismantling.

A council promising no more waste but producing such as its first agenda should reconsider its nomination.

Such success on our council from misinformed and misquoting campaigners may also prove that Elvis is alive and well, living in Burua.

The greater implications of ratepayer waste, and protecting those who cannot protect themselves, was never considered.

What happens when they find it was never the fluoridation top-up program making them ill?

Will they have the same bravado to admit their mistake? Probably not.