Council considers another workers' camp application

ANOTHER workers' camp development application has come through to Gladstone Regional Council.

Aldoga Village comprises 516 rooms to be built in two stages at 1195 Calliope River Rd.

It expects to accommodate employees from Fisherman's Landing, Boulder Steel, Gladstone Gas Power Station and the Yarwun Refinery projects.

Councillor Leo-Neill-Ballantine questioned the need for another one, but planning officer Tegan Schuler said it was the developers' commercial decision whether or not they built.

Cr Neill-Ballantine said: "We have no grounds to stop it…doesn't seem to be a lot of projects going on though. Why do we want another one?"

Councillor Rick Hansen compared Gladstone's future to Moura with a large fly-in fly-out workforce and no local business, and said he wanted to see the community get back to some normality.

"We should be encouraging workers to come in and buy," Cr Hansen said.

There is already a workers' camp about 10km south of this site plus an approved camp at Forest Rd, about nine kilometres north of the site.

The facility would be subject to a sunset clause which restricts the camp to a 10-year operational life.

Does the Gladstone region need another workers' camp?

This poll ended on 04 October 2013.

Current Results

Yes. There is still a shortage of accommodation.


No. There are plenty of places to rent now.


Yes. It would free up properties for others.


No. Workers should be a part of our community.


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