The road to Baffle Creek was washed away during recent flooding.
The road to Baffle Creek was washed away during recent flooding. Carl O'Loughlin

More pain could be on way for flood weary Baffle Creek

THE flood recovery party at Baffle Creek set down for today had to be postponed for a month, because of the possibility of....flooding.

The Gladstone Regional Council on Thursday released an advisory notice warning residents of the possibility of further heavy rain again next week from Cyclone Sandra, and the possibility of being cut off once more by flooded roads.

The communities of Boyne Valley and Baffle Creek were a top priority according to the notice, with shops in Agnes Water, Baffle Creek, Rosedale and Ubobo advised to stock up on essential supplies with the possibility of further extended isolation.

It's another blow for home and business owners in Baffle Creek, with the tiny township cut off again just last week for up to five days for some people.

Jodie Healy, owner of the Bafflelink community store and post office agency in Baffle Creek, said while she had re-opened after being inundated, she wasn't sure of her future because she couldn't afford to borrow more money to keep her business and community services going.

"I had to borrow to start the business and can't borrow any more or I'd just be chasing my tail,'' Ms Healy said.

"I've applied for government flood recovery funding, but am not sure if I'll get it.''

Local real estate agent Sue Robertson said everybody she knew had power back on, but she wasn't sure how many would be getting insurance.

"We're okay. We've cleaned the place out and got new furniture, but some people are still waiting on insurance assessors,'' she said.

"People are supposed to wait before they can rip carpet up and clean their places out before the assessors come."