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Annastacia Palaszczuk: Why Qld should vote Labor

By Annastacia Palaszczuk
Leader of the Opposition

Queensland voters face very clear choices with the biggest being the future of our state assets.

The LNP will sell state assets to the highest bidders, even to overseas buyers.

Under Labor, Queenslanders will own Queensland's assets and the jobs they create.

The LNP is offering a $37 billion "fire sale" of assets that return $2 billion annually to the State Budget.

The Premier has not said how he will plug that "black hole" that will affect current and future generations.

There is also a clear choice on paying down state debt.

The LNP is relying on the economically irresponsible approach of selling off revenue-producing government-owned businesses so the LNP can pay off the debts of those same businesses.

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This makes even less sense when you consider those businesses return $2 billion a year to the State Budget and taxpayers have never been directly responsible for their debt. Like any business they have always paid off their own debts using revenue from their commercial activities.

Labor offers a sensible plan to keep $2 billion a year in revenue from government-owned businesses and use it and other savings plus growth in revenue to help pay down debt.

Labor's focus in this election has been jobs and we have several policies under our Working Queensland jobs plan to help create new jobs and rescue our TAFE system from LNP cuts to give young people the training they need to secure jobs.

The LNP offers only more promises on jobs, even though Campbell Newman has already broken his 2012 commitment for a 4% jobless rate. Our unemployment rate is 6.6% now compared with the 5.5% the LNP inherited from Labor.

Labor's other policies address the cuts to frontline services by the Newman Government by delivering more nurses and teachers, as well as a law and order policy to attack organised crime with workable laws and a dedicated Commission of Inquiry with the powers of a Royal Commission.

Labor is offering Queenslanders a better way after three years of arrogance, broken promises, and the attacks launched by the LNP on anyone who disagrees with it.