Angry vegan blasts ‘disrespectful’ mum


A vegan has sparked a furious internet debate about cooking meat in a veggie household.

The anonymous plant-based woman took to Facebook to share her grievances after her mum had stayed the night - and fried up bacon for breakfast.

The woman, based in Queensland, Australia wrote: "Mother is staying with me and currently frying bacon in my kitchen. I feel so mad and riled up. Please send love and sympathy."

Vegans famously don't eat animal products - so that includes bacon - for a range of health, ethical and lifestyle reasons.

Several fellow vegans took up arms to defend the vegan daughter's right to berate her mum for frying up the salty breakfast treat - with some even suggesting she throw her own mum out of the vegan-only house.

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The woman took to Facebook after her mum cooked bacon in her kitchen.
The woman took to Facebook after her mum cooked bacon in her kitchen.

One person wrote: "It's your house. Ask your mother to stop doing that as it goes against your values. Ask her to respect those values by not cooking animal flesh in your house."

Another added: "Just because she's your mother does not entitle her to do whatever she pleases. You are an adult, you need to set boundaries. Just have an honest conversation with her. Hopefully she'll come around."

One vegan said the smell alone would make them sick, writing: "I would have said if she wanted to stay with me there should be no bacon … I'd be puking from the smell."

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The frustrated woman then took to Facebook to complain.
The frustrated woman then took to Facebook to complain.

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Replies on the more extreme end of the spectrum included suggesting she should throw away the "contaminated" cookware: "I'd be pretty p***ed off too to be honest. In my house it means I'd have to throw the fry pan away, and I'd be furious with cross contamination.

They continued: "I'm sorry she has done it, and I hope you're able to have an adult conversation as to why you don't like it and I hope she respects your wishes."

However, other veggies and vegans took a less extreme approach.

One user chimed in: "Have a conversation with her? And move on. It's not worth feeling upset over something like that."

Another added: "What's your mother meant to eat and how is she meant to cook?" Perhaps - vegan bacon?"

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