Anger as cane farmers learn properties are up for sale

MSF Sugar has been accused of setting Maryborough's farmers up to fail.

The shock claim comes after it was announced MSF's parent company Mitr Pohl was in negotiations to sell more than 5000 hectares of land holdings in the region.

Bauple's Geoffrey and Cassie Robertson accused the company of deliberately keeping the farmers in the dark about its intentions regarding selling off the land.

"They have set local farmers up to fail, giving them lease farms in late 2019 and letting them invest substantial amounts of money into these farms," Ms Robertson said.

"Local farmers who supply MSF have been kicked in the guts by their lack of communication as we are only finding out about this sale for the first time via media outlets."

A spokesman from MSF Sugar said on Tuesday the 5367 hectares of canefarming land had not yet been sold, but a transaction process had been started between Mitr Pohl and an interested Australian investor.

He said the board had decided at a meeting held this month to proceed with a "divestment transaction".