X-Factor runner-up loves guitars more than singing

DEAN Ray doesn't really want to be a singer.

The 2014 X Factor runner-up revealed all to Pulse this week ahead of his gig at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre on August 14.

A mad guitarist, Dean sees singing as a way of conveying a message and not something he enjoys.

We spoke to him from his Melbourne studio about his guitar obsession and constant voice-training and why he is continually confused when people label him as 'mysterious'.

Pulse: Where did you grow up?

Dean: I grew up in South West Queensland in a cute little town. I go back there occasionally.

I miss my childhood and the family vibe. I miss fishing and being a little kid but I feel when I am out there I'm not doing enough. I need to be busy.

Pulse: When did your love of guitars start?

Dean: I was 13. I was in a hotel room and I learnt the D chord. I just sat there and played with the same chord for three hours.

Guitars are the coolest thing ever. People line up to buy the newest MAC and I just feel sorry for those guys.

They've never been introduced to the best friend you've ever had which is a guitar. How lucky is it that, that I met my guitar when I was little?

We've have had some arguments along the way. They all have their own personality and all sound different.

When I pick a guitar I will get exactly same model and I will have 10 of them but they all sound different when you have an ear for it.

I've got about 25 guitars in my studio office. In front of me there are eight.

The X Factor Top 4 finalist Dean Ray. Supplied by Channel 7.
The X Factor Top 4 finalist Dean Ray. Supplied by Channel 7. Tarsha Hosking

Pulse: What about singing? Do you love that, too?

Dean: I'm always working on that and it never came naturally. I never wanted to be a singer and I still don't really.

I just wanted to be guitarist in a band really. I started writing songs and that's the only reason I sing, to convey a message.

I've never had to work on something so much. I consider it work because I don't like it.

Pulse: What's it like touring in a bus?

Dean: I've been on this one for seven months. I do it in little bursts. I go out for five or six shows and come home for a few days and go back.

I love travelling. It's like a big family on the road. There's' nothing better than playing a good show and the next day have a walk around the town and jump in the van and do it all again.

On the Gold Coast once we had 400 people and the next night there was like 80.

I just got out there and said "I'm going to give you guys the best show."

Pulse: On X Factor, you left a lot to the imagination. What do you think when people do say you are mysterious?

Dean: Why tell the whole story? I don't like people knowing much about me. I have a limit but I'm not mysterious at all.

I don't know where it comes from. I still never understand what people see.


  • GECC
  • August 14
  • Doors open 7pm, support act 8pm, Dean Ray 9-10pm
  • Tickets $43.50