Former Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine slams Victoria's COVID-19 rules.
Former Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine slams Victoria's COVID-19 rules.

American smashed for Melbourne tweet

California-based "anti-establishment" author and political commentator DeAnna Lorraine isn't focused on how COVID-19 is running rampant in her own state.

Instead, the failed Republican congressional candidate - who lost her bid to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - is turning her attention to what's happening Down Under, specifically in Victoria.

Ms Lorraine shared a BBC story on Twitter about Victoria entering a second stage of lockdown, as 273 new coronavirus cases were recorded on Sunday.

"This is literally Prison. Total enslavement," she wrote.

"Australians aren't allowed to even leave their own homes for 6 plus weeks? Police put a 'ring of steel' around the city, with 'checkpoints anytime anywhere' to enforce the measures? SICK. Fight this people!"

The article described how Melbourne's five million residents are not allowed to leave their homes except for the four essential reasons.

It quoted Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who said: "The rest of the country knows that the sacrifice that you're going through right now is not just for you and your own family, but it's for the broader Australian community."

Victorians were quick to respond to the part-time author who penned the book "Make Love Great Again" - a nod to President Donald Trump's campaign slogan.







Professor Adrian Esterman, an epidemiologist from the University of South Australia, told Ms Lorraine: "You will get SICK if you flout the current restrictions."

It's a message more Californians could benefit from hearing.

The New York Times reports more than 3.2 million people in the US have been infected with the coronavirus and at least 134,800 have died.

In a single day in California last week, there were 11,694 new cases recorded. That's close to the highest daily increase for a US state.

New York recorded 12,274 cases in April but Florida today registered a record breaking

15,299 new cases. The state's Republican governor ended lockdown much earlier than other states.


Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine slams Victoria's COVID-19 rules.
Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine slams Victoria's COVID-19 rules.


In Victoria, COVID-19 cases continue to increase. Premier Daniel Andrews announced on Sunday that 273 people recorded positive tests and that students from Years Prep to 10 will return to remote learning.

"The first thing I want to say is I know this will be very, very challenging for many, many parents," the Premier said.

Mr Andrews said there was "simply no alternative" than to ensure the thousands of students in affected areas were kept home and safe from spreading infection.

"We can't have the best part of 700,000 students as well as parents moving to and from school, moving around the community, as if there wasn't a stay at home order."

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