Great clouds of obnoxious smug billow from President-elect Donald Trump's winning ears. Ladies and gentlemen: The leader of the free world. (Photo digitally altered)
Great clouds of obnoxious smug billow from President-elect Donald Trump's winning ears. Ladies and gentlemen: The leader of the free world. (Photo digitally altered) Patrick Semansky

Strange Politics: America wanted revolution, got wrong one

OPINON: That nutty old Bolshevik Bernie Sanders is looking pretty good right now, huh?

A huge, obnoxious smug cloud has settled over Trump Tower as a depraved demagogue makes plans to give the White House its tackiest makeover on record.

This extraordinary electoral upset has smashed the status quo and made one thing abundantly clear: Hillary Clinton was the wrong choice.

The United States had an appetite for change that a corporate shill like Clinton could not satisfy, and now the rest of the world is getting flashbacks to the fall of Rome.

So now a man who has been involved in at least 3500 lawsuits has control of the world's most powerful army to settle his scores.

The Democrats did this to themselves.

The party leadership knew about Clinton's warmongering rhetoric, they knew about her private email server, and her close ties with Wall Street and the banks was no secret.

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders, basically scandal-free and inspiring millions of young people, was overlooked because he did not serve the Democrats' power-mongers' interests.

So they sabotaged him at every turn.

Back in May, when Clinton and Trump were neck-and-neck in the polls - and Trump was even winning a few - Bernie was consistently pulling ahead.

He had a message of transformation, of a shift away from the special interest-driven politics plaguing the US democracy.

But those special interests were too intimately entwined with the DNC establishment, so that cranky, white-haired Vermont senator had to go.

Polls are polls, and clearly they should not be given too much weight considering Trump has become president-elect.

He got there through lies - though Clinton had her fair share of those - scaremongering, bullying and labelling Mexicans rapists and murderers.

He promised change. Not just piddling alterations here and there but a full-blown mutiny, and the fact he even got the Republican nomination showed that was what people craved.

The Democrats could not even pull a majority in the Senate or the House of Representatives, meaning the billionaire Hair Apparent will have almost unfettered access to power.

His disdain for checks and balances is no secret.

Now we must see which of his thousand-odd wild pledges were core promises, and which were just malleable falsehoods he can ditch once elected.

Mostly the latter, with any luck.

Trump's victory speech was his most gracious to date, sparking a faint hope he will settle down now he is in the hot seat.

He even said Clinton was "owed a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country".

But you can bet there will be a knock on her door once Trump has appointed his attorney-general, who can in turn appoint a special prosecutor - one Trump hopes will agree Clinton deserves time behind bars for mishandling classified information.

A trial will ensue, of course, but the prosecutor will have to convince the court Clinton deserves jail despite the FBI previously saying the contrary.

Either way, getting her before the courts will be a simple process.

For now, as pollsters the world over cry themselves to sleep and take a hard look at their life paths, we wait.

America has its revolution. Just the wrong one.